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Why shop with us?


We understand that your babies need to eat! So we are offering 1-3 day shipping on us depending on location. Prices include shipping!

You receive an extra 10-20% overcount. We don’t mind giving you more for your money and this also covers any losses during shipping.

Feeder tongs are included for efficient feeding without ever touching your bugs. Great for bonding with your pets, they will feel less threatened and learn to associate you as good/positive.

Our mealworms are lively and tasty, great for your picky eaters, rehabbing animals, and breeders!

Our mealworms are pre gut-loaded to ensure essential nutrients get passed down to your pets. Our gut loads contain natural herbs, prebiotics, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and organic ingredients that are clinically proven to increase sperm count, immune system activity, and provide the optimum nutrition for healthy animals.


Our Mealworms are not only great for Leopard Geckos but also recommended for sugar gliders, rats, mice, and fish. 

Our mealworms are fed a preservative and pesticide free diet. This means no risk of transferring any harmful chemicals to your pets which could potentially make them sick.


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